Unique Cable Innovations


PMI Innovation developed to meet the challenges of the industries we serve.

Custom Cable Systems with PMI engineering design solutions.

  • Electro-Optical-Mechanical Terminations for Towed Arrays & Devices
  • Articulated Tow Cable Joints & Terminations for Dual-Density (Steel and Aramid) Cables
  • Thermistor Arrays & Buoy Mooring Cables

Innovative products developed by PMI to solve customer cable problems.

  • Proprietary Mid-span Attachment Hardware for Seismic Tow Cables & Bottom Lay Cables
  • Custom Terminations & Flotation Systems for Marine Power Cables & ROVs
  • Small Profile Termination; same as Cable Diameter
  • Full-Strength Electro-Optical Terminations & Joints
  • Terminations for Synthetic Strength Member cables
  • Breakaway Terminations
  • Hang-off Hardware for Downhole Electric Submersible Pump Cables